I Have No Idea · 18 November 2023

I have no idea. Which is different than having no ideas.

I had no ideas when I sat down this morning to write my blog post. I thought that I should get something done though. After all, blog posts do not just write themselves. So I figured I would just write something down. “I have no idea.” That was it. Not a brilliant flash or anything. I just did not have any idea of what to write about. After all, I have written about many things, but I was just not really ready to write a blog post. I have been too busy reading and editing my latest book.

So I wrote the title of this blog post. And then I thought, “I wonder if I have already used that title.” So I searched in my document. No blog post by that title. Yet. But I found out that apparently, I use the phrase all the time. Okay. Not all the time. But enough times for me to keep hitting the “Find Next” button a bunch. Ten or fifteen times. Maybe. So maybe not tons. Again. Certainly not all the time. But enough to take notice.

At any rate.

I find it interesting the phrases that writers use. Phrases that show up again and again and again in a writer’s repertoire. Phrases that show up enough to know that you are reading that writer’s writing. You might call it part of the writer’s style. Or maybe that is just me.

I wonder about style. I know that I do not have any. Or rather, that mine is a style all my own, which could be considered no style at all. After all, while it may be distinctive, it is certainly not compelling. You can see tell by the quantity of my readership that it is not that compelling. Not that I am complaining. I love to write for the few faithful readers that I have. Both the real and imaginary readers.

There is another thing about style. I know that I am not the only one who does it, but I like to break the writing rules. Not all the time. But enough that I have those green squiggly lines all over almost every blog post. Those squiggly lines are supposed to help you with your grammar. They are supposed to tell you to go back and read what you wrote. And fix it. Of course, I usually ignore most of those suggestions. Especially the ones that tell me I have an incomplete sentence.

At any rate.

I guess I ought to be happy. I wrote down a title for a blog post and came up with a few hundred words. Not quite five hundred words about having no idea. I will take that. Even though I still have no idea.

© 2023 Michael T. Miyoshi

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