Still Thankful · 23 November 2023

No matter where I find myself in life, I am still thankful.

Thanksgiving is an interesting holiday. It is thought by some to be a celebration of colonialism. It is thought of by others as a meal with food that nobody eats any other day. And it is thought of by still others as a day to give thanks to the One who gives us all our blessings in the first place.

I know that we are not all in the same place, physically, emotionally, spiritually, or in any other sense-ally. But regardless of where we are in any of those ways, there is probably something that we can be thankful for.

I am thankful for many things. My health. My family. My job. My computer. Just to name a few.

I am thankful for these things, in part, because when I look at the world, there are plenty of people who do not have these things. It is not like the notion of comparing my lot in life with the lot of another. You know. The notion that I was sad about the state of my shoes when I saw a man with no feet. No. It is not about comparing what I have to what somebody else does not have. That is not really what thankfulness is about. I am thankful regardless of the state of my life because I know that life is fleeting. It is finite. And so I must cherish every moment.

I know. That sounds so Pollyanna-ish. It is too proverbial. It is too naïve. Especially when you look at the state of the world around us. War. Poverty. Famine. Hatred. Yes, I know. The world is in a sad state of affairs. Which is also why I am thankful. Why I am hopeful. Because I know that there is always something to look forward to. Always something to be thankful for. In the midst of whatever I am going through, I can always find the silver lining.

We all have our own struggles. Our own fears. Our own problems. But we can find hope and solace in others. And we can know that there is One who can bear it all for us. Which is why I am thankful and hopeful. I know my Redeemer lives. And I so am thankful.

I hope that no matter what you are going through today, you have something to be thankful and hopeful for. That you can have hope in the midst of whatever is happening in your life or in the world. That you can be thankful for life.

Wherever you find yourself this Thanksgiving and indeed every day, I hope that you can be thankful for something. Or somebody.

Happy Thanksgiving.

© 2023 Michael T. Miyoshi

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