Congratulations Graduates · 13 June 2008

High schools around the country are having or have already had their graduation ceremonies. Students, parents, relatives, and other interested parties gather to celebrate this rite of passage. I would like to take the opportunity to again admonish my own students (and any other interested parties) to follow their dreams and to live life with passion.

I wrote the poem below several years ago for some of my graduating seniors. In reality, it is not only for graduates but for anybody who is starting or contemplating starting a new phase in life. Still, it is my special wish for and admonition to graduates. Whether I know them or not.

Congratulations graduates!

Follow Your Dreams

Follow your dreams, don’t ever say “no”
For dreams are the places that you want to go
Dreams are the sights that you want to see
Dreams are the person that you want to be.

Dreams are the stars in the sky late at night
But not just as scenery shining so bright
Rather places to go if they call out to you
If being an astronaut is what you want to do.

Dreams are the plans that you and I make
For houses and cottages out at the lake
For fishing and swimming and lounging around
On those country vacations oh so far from town.

Dreams are designs that we have for our lives
Who we might take for our husbands, our wives
What occupations that we might like to take
Dreams are not just about all the money we make.

No, dreams tell us our passions, our wants, our desires
They give us our goals to which we all aspire
They give us our strength when things go so wrong
And they give us the hope to write a new song.

Yes, dreams give us courage to live life with passion
And being a dreamer never goes out of fashion
For dreamers make life more than just what they see
So follow your dreams and be what you want to be.

© 2008 Michael T. Miyoshi

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