Pi Day and Leap Day · 16 March 2024

I cannot believe that I missed an opportunity to write about a special day! I missed an opportunity to write about a special day that only comes around once every four years. Leap Day.

If you did not know. Leap Day was and is February 29th. Yes. February 29th. I think I forgot to write about it because it only comes around once every four years. Which is pretty cool. Or not. Think about it. People who have their birthdays on Leap Day would only ever get to celebrate on their true birthday once every four years. (Which is not to say that they age at one quarter of the speed of everybody else. Which would be quite the interesting feat.)

(By the way. Most of the people who have this birthday seem to celebrate their birthdays on March 1. Which makes sense. After all, February 28th, which comes around every year, by the way, is the day before their birthday. Which would be odd. Celebrate one day early? Preposterous. That would be like celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve. Which, I know, is not that preposterous. At least celebrating on the first instead of the twenty-eighth seems to be the case with most of the people I have talked to.)

At any rate.

I suppose that I have written about Leap Day. But I do not know. I do not remember everything I write. I seem to just post a blog and forget it. It must be maddening for my few readers (both real and imaginary). They talk to me about a blog post and I forgot what I wrote. I know. I am strange.

On the other hand, Pi Day comes every year. March fourteenth. 3.14. Which in 1592 or 1593 would have been even more accurate. At least if you left out all but one of the periods or slashes or whatever delimiter to get 3.141592 or 3.141593. Then again, if you really wanted to be more accurate with numeric dates, you would put the year first, then the month, then the day. I do not write my dates that way, but they are surely more easily sorted that way. (Unfortunately, it does not make for a very good Pi Day (1592.3.14).)

At any rate.

Pi Day is celebrated by math geeks the world over. Woo hoo! Pi Day! I am sure there are pi pies sold far and wide. Which, by the way, is how I remembered that I should have written about Leap Day and Pi Day. I used a picture of a pi pie on my last blog blog. (Yes, I wrote, “blog blog” on purpose purpose.) I thought the pi pie was a clever picture for a post about clever word play. Then I realized… I could have had a V8. I mean, I realized… I could have written about Leap Day.

Which is right back where I started. I cannot believe I missed an opportunity to write about a special day. Ah well. Instead, I got to ramble on about two special days. Leap Day and Pi Day.

I hope that you had a special Leap Day and a special Pi Day. And I hope your every day is special.

© 2024 Michael T. Miyoshi

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