I Hope Your Every Day Is Special · 23 March 2024

I hope your every day is special. I really do.

Think about it. Everything may not be awesome as they sing in The Lego Movie, but every day can be special. I know. I am a bit Polyannaish. But that is okay. I do not mind thinking that every day your feet hit the ground is a special day. Or thinking that every day that you get to take another breath is a special day. Or even thinking that every day is a gift, a present from God. Hmm… Maybe the song from The Lego Movie is right with a word change. Every day is awesome.

(By the way. I hope that you did not get the Everything Is Awesome song stuck in your head. It is a silly song that just sneaks up on you. Everything is awesome. Everything is awesome. I know. Not everything is awesome. But life is pretty good. It really is a gift. All you need to do is be present. Or something like that.)

Now where was I? Oh yes. Awesome.

Okay. So every day is not awesome. But the present is still a present. A gift, as it were. And I know that not every gift is so great. But living and breathing is pretty special. Sure beats the alternative. Then again, I heard a preacher say one time that life here on earth is as close to hell as some people will ever get and as close to heaven as others will get. Not necessarily a cheery thought. Depending on your perspective.

And speaking of songs with perspective. As I was sitting here writing, I thought of a song from the old Disney move, Robin Hood. “Sometimes ups outnumber the downs. But not in Nottingham.” Those lyrics come to mind when I think of bad days. Even so, I tend to think that the ups usually outnumber the downs. Which is one of the reasons why I think that every day is special.

Okay. Enough Pollyannaishness.

I hope that you believe the present is truly a gift. Even if your ups do not outnumber your downs. I hope that your every day is special. (And I hope you get the Everything Is Awesome song out of your head soon.)

© 2024 Michael T. Miyoshi

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