Special Days Indeed! · 30 March 2024

Speaking of special days, Good Friday and Easter are here! Special days indeed.

If you are reading this blog post on Thursday (because you read it early on Facebook or X, formerly Twitter), you are reading it on Maundy Thursday. Which is the commemoration of the Last Supper. The day when Jesus of Nazareth washed the disciples’ feet and when He instituted the sacrament of communion. If you are reading it Saturday (when it is technically released), Good Friday has already passed, and Easter Sunday is just around the corner. Regardless of when you read it, all of these are special days!

I have not always loved Good Friday. I mean think about it. Why would Christ followers the world over celebrate the day when the Lord, God himself, was crucified? It is a bit crazy when you look at it from the outside. When you do not know the whole story. Which is where the disciples were. They were terrified on Friday when it happened. And all of Saturday too. Which is completely understandable. They were looking for the King of kings to take His throne. Instead, He was crucified like a common criminal. So it is completely understandable that the disciples hid and cowered in fear of the Romans. Good Friday indeed.

When you read more of the history of Good Friday, you see that it was a dismal day. The sky was darkened for several hours. The Lord was forsaken. Only a few of His disciples watched His torment and death on the cross. It was a dark day indeed.

Fortunately, nowadays, we have the luxury of hindsight. We have history on our side, so we know that Easter is coming. Good Friday would not be so good, if it was the end of the story. But history tells us that it is not the end at all. In fact, it is just the beginning. Oh sure, there was the whole precursor to the cross. Jesus had a public ministry for about three years. And of course, we celebrate Christmas because it is good to celebrate the birth of the King of kings and Lord of lords. (Which, by the way, would just be a day like any other day without Easter.) And we know what happened after the resurrection, after Easter, too. Those cowering disciples became bold and preached to the world that Jesus is risen! He is risen indeed!

Now, I did not plan to write about Good Friday and Easter (not to mention Maundy Thursday and Christmas) when I wrote about Pi Day and Leap Day or when I mused about every day being special. But it fits. After all, Easter is really what makes every day special. Without Easter, there is not much hope. Life just goes by. Day by day. Week by week. Year by year. Without much hope. Without much meaning. But when we realize that God thinks of us as special and that He has a plan for us, we realize that we do have a place in this vast universe. And when we realize that He wants the best for us, that He wants us to be near Him, we have hope.

So as fun and special as Pi Day and Leap Day are, they do not compare to Good Friday and Easter. These are special days indeed. And when you go through your dark days (we all have them), remember Good Friday. Remember the pain and suffering of Jesus. Remember the hopelessness of the disciples. But more importantly, remember that there is hope. There is hope because Easter is coming.

Jesus is risen! He is risen indeed.

© 2024 Michael T. Miyoshi

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