May the Fourth · 4 May 2024

I almost passed up an opportunity to write about Star Wars Day.

Our middle son, Thing 2, hates Star Wars Day. Rather, he hates that his birthday coincides with Star Wars Day. Rather, he hates that people think May the Fourth is Star Wars Day. Maybe “hate” is the wrong word. Loathe is probably closer to how he feels.

(By the way, if you are like me, you might not know why May the Fourth is Star Wars Day. And by like me, I mean, clueless. After all, if you have even heard of Star Wars, you know that the line, is, “May the Force be with you,” comes up over and over and over again. (When somebody greets me with, “May the Force be with you,” I usually want to say, “And also with you,” but that is another story.) Anyway. May the Fourth sounds a lot like May the Force. Which is why May the Fourth is called Star Wars Day. And being clueless, I need to be reminded of this almost every year.)

At any rate.

I had to comment on Star Wars Day and my son’s birthday because they fall on the day my blog post is posted. So what better subject to write about on May the Fourth than May the Fourth. It makes perfect sense. Then again, I do need to make sure that my son says it is okay to write about it. After all, I like people who are featured in my blog to approve of my post before I post it. Not that it always happens that way, but usually. (And it did this time.)

At any rate.

I love Star Wars Day. Okay. Maybe love is too strong of a word. I do enjoy it though. Mostly because it is my son’s birthday. But loving Star Ward Day? I mean really. I am not so much of a Star Wars geek that I go out of my way to recognize May the Fourth as Star Wars Day. Half the time I need to be reminded that it is Star Wars Day. (Oops. I said above that I almost always need to be reminded.)

“What day is it?”
“May the Fourth.”
“And also with you. And Happy birthday!”

Star Wars Day is usually only a second thought. But I suppose it is the thought that counts. I suppose. Some people think it is the gift that counts. Some other people think it is the people who count. Rather, the people are the ones doing the counting.

Okay. This is getting silly. Of course, if you have read my blog for long, you know that I rarely say anything intelligible, let alone profound. Or maybe even worth reading.

At any rate.

I hope you enjoy Star Wars Day. I hope that you have a happy birthday. And remember. May the Force be with you. On May the fourth and on every day.

Happy Star Wars Day.

(Are you glad that I did not miss the opportunity to comment on Star Wars Day?)

© 2024 Michael T. Miyoshi

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