Life without Internet · 8 June 2024

Life without the internet is a pain.

I know it seems obvious, but life without the internet is a pain. Even when it is just out for a little while. Of course, what you define as a little while is a totally different point. But nowadays it sure seems like a disconnection for any amount of time is a pain.

I am writing during a time of such disconnection. The problem with the current internet outage is that it is the day when I usually post my blog. I would be uploading my picture(s) and my words at this very instant if not for the latest internet outage. Which has been for longer than just a couple minutes. The problem is that I do not know whether the outage is on my end or our provider’s end. It could be our router, which would be a pretty big problem seeing that the computer I usually use does not have a wireless connection to the world (so I cannot just tether it to my phone). So my routine is all out of whack. Oh bother.

Most of the time though, the internet outages seem to be on our provider’s end. They seem to go down at the most inopportune times. And for interminable amounts of time. Which just means more than a few seconds. After all, it seems that we measure downtime in milliseconds or even microseconds these days. We cannot seem to disconnect for any amount of time. Which could be problematic.

Personally, I do not really care that much about the internet. At least not when it is down for short periods of time. I like to be disconnected. Again, for short periods of time. The problem with life without the internet is that it is usually not on my terms. It is usually on the other end. Which means that I do not have the internet when I want it. Which is the problem.

So then the problem is not with the internet being down. The problem is with control. We all think that we are somehow in control of our lives. And we are. To a certain extent. Often to the extent that somebody else does not exert control over us. After all, it is the rare individual who does not have a boss or who does not serve somebody. In fact, Bob Dylan would assert that we all serve somebody. “It may be the devil or it may be the Lord, but you’re gonna have to serve somebody.” Still, that does not mean that we do not want to be in control of as much of our lives as we can be.

Which brings me back to the start. I hate it when I do not control how and when I use the internet. I hate it that life is so dependent on the internet. I hate that the internet can go down for seemingly any reason for seemingly any amount of time. And I hate to admit that life without the internet is a pain.

[By the way, our internet provider was fixing our connection while I was writing this post. I know because I saw them when I was driving to work. The provider’s message about the outage said that something was being enhanced, but it just looked like the crew was fixing something.]

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