An Interesting Phenomenon · 22 June 2024

It is an interesting phenomenon. When I have an inventory of writing pieces ready for my blog, I end up not being able to write new stuff.

I write six days a week fifty two weeks out of the year. And I have done so for many years. Not as long as I have been blogging, but still, quite a while. Some people think it is crazy. After all, to what end do you just keep doing something in obscurity? But fame and fortune are not the end result that this writer is seeking. It was, but I have figured out that for me, writing is like breathing. It is something I need to do to survive. God made writing part of my DNA, so I write. Whether anybody reads it or not.

Now, I have written about all that stuff before. Or at least I think I have. I have even written about writing when I do not have inspiration. Which is really just a thought about discipline. You know you are a writer when you write all the time. Even when you do not want to write. Even when you do not have anything to write.

The strange phenomenon though is that when I have an inventory of writing, I end up not having anything to write. I suppose that ought to be a clue that I need to get started writing another book or something. Those projects are much bigger endeavors that take much time and energy. And thought. And when I am involved writing one of those bigger projects, I end up getting frantic about my blog. I think to myself, “Oops. I have been involved in one project so much that I have neglected my blog. I have no inventory. Time to come up with something. Pronto!”

And I do. I come up with something. Something good or bad or in between. But I come up with something to post. Which is fine and dandy. And it is even an okay way to work. After all, I just blog about anything. I do not have a specific topic. Except life.

Which brings me back to the main topic.

I am not sure why I draw a blank when I have an inventory of writing for my blog. It is not the whole inspiration thing. After all, inspiration is really the product of hard work. Or of just living life. It is surely not something that a writer can depend on for everything. After all, while it seems that some writers are truly inspired, every writer writes junk too. There are pieces of trash littering writers’ computers and wastepaper baskets all over the world. I am sure that there are no writers out there whose writing is always the product of inspiration. Or if there is one, nobody has ever heard of that writer because he or she has never published. Or maybe even written much. Or maybe that is just me.

If I had kept on the path of just writing when I was inspired, I am certain I would have nothing to show for it. No books. No blog. Certainly no consistent output. I would have a couple notebooks full (or maybe just half full) of stuff that I thought was good at the time.

So while I cannot wait for inspiration to strike, I do wonder about the strange phenomenon of not being able to write much for my blog when I have an inventory of blog posts. I might never know the answer. But that is okay. I just continue to write anyway. And some day, I might even write something that somebody thinks is inspired.

Maybe one day I will figure out my strange phenomenon of not having anything to write when I have an inventory full of blog posts. But I doubt it.

© 2024 Michael T. Miyoshi

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