An Interesting Phenomenon Explained · 29 June 2024

It is funny. I wrote about my interesting phenomenon a bunch of years ago and just posted it a week ago. So I thought I would explain. At least a little bit.

If you did not read about it yet, my interesting phenomenon has been that when I have an inventory of writing for my blog, I do not have anything to write about. But as soon as I have little to no inventory, I come up with something. I have always found that to be interesting. After all, the glass cannot always be half full. It must get empty sometime. But it never did. Nor really. So I decided that I just needed to finally post the piece. I had been seeing it in my blog document for years, but it kept getting pushed farther and farther down the file because I kept having something else to write. Sometimes something more timely. Other times, I just had a new topic. But I always seemed to come up with more writing so that I was able to keep the interesting phenomenon piece in reserve. Just in case.

The thing is that even when I finally posted it, I had other pieces in my inventory. I just needed to sit on one piece for a bit. And another piece was ready but needed another set of eyes to look at it before I put it out there. So while I had more inventory, the pieces needed to sit for a bit before they were released. So I finally posted my piece about my interesting phenomenon.

The other interesting phenomenon about the interesting phenomenon piece is that it did not need much editing. I added a couple things before I posted it, but that is it. Maybe I had edited it a bunch over the years, but I do not think so. I think it got pretty much the same treatment that all my blog posts get. An initial writing. And then a final read before uploading and posting. Simple. Yes, I know. Some of my pieces could use lots of work even after I post them, but that is the nature of a weekly blog. You just need to get stuff out there. Even if nobody reads said stuff.

Which is another interesting thing about explaining the interesting phenomenon. I am sure that there are not that many people who care that I wrote the piece several years ago. (I nearly wrote “many” years ago. Then I thought that it might lead to an urban legend. You know. The interesting phenomenon about MediocreMan’s An Interesting Phenomenon piece is that it was his first blog piece even before he had any inventory at all.) Still, even if there are not that many people who care about my interesting phenomenon, it is still a topic that I wanted to explain.

Well, there is not that much more to explain or that is interesting about An Interesting Phenomenon. I just thought it might be interesting to note that it was a piece I wrote many years ago. In fact, it might have been the very first piece I wrote even before I had an inventory. Or maybe that is just an urban legend. Even so, I am glad that I finally had a chance to post An Interesting Phenomenon and this follow up piece about it. Even if it is not really that funny. Or interesting.

© 2024 Michael T. Miyoshi

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