Independence Day 2024 · 4 July 2024

People celebrate Independence Day in interesting ways. They eat too much and blow too much stuff up. Or maybe that is just me.

I am sure I have written much about Independence Day. Not a blog post every year, but enough to be able to search and find many references to and blogs about Independence Day. I suppose that is because I think it is an important holiday. Not quite a holy day, but close. And so I have written about it quite a bit.

(Now, if my blog was a TV show, I would put together a montage of different blog post and point to them. I would reminisce about words I have already written. But this is no TV show. It is a blog post. And there will be no reminiscing. Or even links. Since I fixed my website search, you can search them out yourself and reminisce.)

I must admit that I like eating too much and blowing stuff up. At least I used to. In both cases. Just last week, I used to love to pile my plate high with everything in sight. After all, whenever you go to a picnic or other large gathering, you ought to show your appreciation of the food by eating a bit of everything. Right? Well, I might continue to do that, but I realized that I am too much of a pig and I need to do less of that porking out. I do not want to eat until just before I explode.

At any rate.

I also love to blow stuff up. Okay. Maybe I do not love it as much as I used to. I used to love to take firecrackers and stick them in just about anything to make them explode or at least jump in the air. Nothing living mind you. Except anthills. I used to love to stick firecrackers into anthills to flatten them out. Or at least see what those little soldiers would do once they gathered their wits. None of them seemed to blow up. The ones who were running around on the firecracker trying to figure out what it was and how to get rid of it might have been vaporized, but I think they just brushed off their armor after being flung to the far reaches of the area and hustled back to fix the anthill that I so rudely had blown to bits. Or at least had flattened a little bit.

Nowadays, I do not really like to blow stuff up. Or rather, I am too cheap to want to buy the firecrackers that blow stuff up. And I do not want to mess up the yard by blowing stuff up. After all, the only anthills seem to be near the house and I do not need the house to come tumbling down.

Overeating and blowing stuff up is all well and good. It is a fun way to celebrate Independence Day. But when it comes right down to it, I like to see the American flags flying all over town. Private residences, businesses, public facilities. They all seem to fly the flag on Independence Day. Even if people are not there. They fly the flag to remind themselves that freedom is not free. Or at least I hope they do. I hope that they remember that freedom requires vigilance. And sacrifice.

It is funny. I know that we seem to celebrate Independence Day with too much eating and blowing stuff up, but I think most of us remember that our freedom is what allows us to do so. And in a moment of reflection, I hope we remember that only vigilance and sacrifice can keep it that way.

Happy Independence Day 2024! (Don’t eat too much or blow too much stuff up.)

© 2024 Michael T. Miyoshi

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