In a Writing Rut · 4 June 2022

I seem to be in a writing rut.

I suppose that some writers would welcome being in a writing rut. That rut being writing every day. Posting every week. Having a bunch of unfinished projects. I suppose that is not such a bad rut to be in. But it is still a rut.

The worst thing about being in a rut is that the sides of the rut seem so steep. No matter how hard you turn the steering wheel, the tires do not turn. They are stuck in the rut. They just keep going forward. But going forward in a rut like mine is not so bad. I just keep writing. And writing. And writing. Not so bad for a writer.

The thing is… I do not feel like I am getting anything done. I do not feel like I am writing anything important. Oh sure. Some of the stuff I am writing is good stuff. Or at least it feels like good stuff. But you never really know. Rather, I never really know. I have my friends and faithful readers who tell me that they read my blog or they saw my post. Or maybe even that they read one of my books. But still. I wonder whether writing what I write makes any difference.

I suppose that is where the rut comes in. The rut is not really that I am stuck writing. I love writing. Even when the writing I write is drivel. Even when the writing I write does not seem like it makes a difference. Even when the writing I write does not seem to have any reach. The rut is that I have no idea if my writing even matters. (I think I already said that.)

The thing is… Life is like that. All of life. We may not know whether we made a difference in our kids’ lives until they are adults (if then, even). We may not know whether we made a difference in our professional lives until after we leave the profession. Or at least the particular company. We may not know whether we made a difference with our writing lives until somebody says that they miss seeing the weekly print edition. Or makes some such comment.

Which is an interesting commentary. But it is a truism. We do not know how much something means to us until it is gone. Not that I am going anywhere. (I know. There are probably some people out there saying, “Darn.”) But it is so true that we do not miss something until it is gone. Whether we are talking about people or careers or hobbies or things or… Well, you get the picture. We do not miss the regular stuff until the regular stuff is gone.

Which brings me back to the beginning. Or maybe the middle. I suppose that I should not feel so bad that I am in a writing rut. I should appreciate that I can and do write every day. I should appreciate that I have something to say every day. (Or at least that I have some topic I can write about every day.) I should appreciate that I have one more day to write and breathe and live. (Yes. I thought I should throw a little positivity into my post.) I should appreciate the words I write whether or not I believe they are making any difference at all.

And I do. I appreciate that I can and do write. I appreciate that God has given me the gift of words. At least the written word. And when it comes right down to it, I am thankful that I am in a writing rut. Whatever that really means. Most of all, I am thankful for those readers (both real and imaginary) who keep reading.

Thanks for reading. Even when I am in a writing rut.

© 2022 Michael T. Miyoshi

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State Track and Field Meet 2022 · 28 May 2022

Ah. It is a great feeling going back to the State Track and Field Meet.

There is nothing like a championship Track and Field (T&F) meet. Especially, the one for your own state. We are headed back to the state T&F meet after two years of not having one. Two years ago, we had two weeks of practice before being shut down. Last year, we had a shortened season with no championship or invitational meets. So going back to the state meet is like a breath of fresh air. Rare air at that.

Qualifying for any state’s meet is surely an arduous journey. Athletes need to be more than just prepared. They need to be near the top of their game. At least the top of their district in their chosen events. Not only that, they need to be better than most on a particular day. Championship meet day.

Doing well on that particular day is the key. History does not matter. What you did at least week’s meet does not matter. What you did at yesterday’s practice does not matter. All that matters is what you do on that particular day in that particular event. And that is just to qualify! Depending on where you are, you might have two or three meets like that. “Live to compete another day,” is what our head coach tells our athletes. Survive and move on, or hang up the spikes until next season. If next season is what is in store.

I do love coaching T&F. It is always special when athletes get personal records (PRs) during the season. It is even more special when they get one more chance to do so when they qualify for the state meet. Nobody gets PRs every meet, but everybody has that as their goal. Everybody wants to do better at the next meet. Especially, when that meets is the last meet of the season for everybody.

Speaking of last meets.

Many athletes train their whole high school careers to get to the state meet. Yet few make it more than one time. This year’s group of seniors have only had two chances to do so. Once as freshmen and now as seniors. I am sure they will relish their time. At least I hope they do. I hope that they savor every moment of this culminating weekend. Yes, I hope that all the athletes take some time to enjoy the fruits of their labor, but I hope the seniors breathe deeply of the rare air of the state meet. I hope that they understand that they accomplished a great feat getting to the state meet. And I hope that each one of them has one more great performance to give.

Coaching athletes who make it to the state meet is truly an honor and a blessing. I love going through the process of the season that it takes to get there. And I enjoy the weekend of those last high school performances. I love to see all the kids out there striving to do their best. I love to see the coaches coaxing the best from their athletes. I even love seeing the comforting hugs when things do not go quite as planned. For it is the relationships that make the state meet such a wonderful adventure. The relationships between athlete and athlete and between athlete and coach. Those relationships and the experience of going to state will be cherished by those who made it there. Regardless of the outcome.

Yes. Going back to the state track and field meet is truly a great feeling.

© 2022 Michael T. Miyoshi

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Like Stephen King · 21 May 2022

Stephen King
(original size: 556×707)
by FlickreviewR
Licensed under CC BY 2.0

I am like Stephen King.

It is not really true, but I will still say it. I am a bit like Stephen King. That is, I write every day. Or at least I write six days a week. Which to me is every day. No. I can count. I just make sure that I take a day off from writing. I rest one day a week. Which is good for me.

But back to my thesis statement.

I am really only like Stephen King in that I write every day. Or what I consider every day. (We already went through that.) The difference is that he writes 2000 words a day, and I only write about half that. Sometimes a little less. Sometimes a little more. So maybe I am just like half of Stephen King.

At any rate.

I came to the conclusion that I am like Stephen King when I recently read a quick blurb about him in Parade. You know. That little magazine insert that comes with the Sunday newspaper. Or at least it comes with ours. At any rate. I read the little blurb about Stephen King and decided that we are alike. We both write. We both play guitar. And we both were teachers. (I still am a teacher.)

True. Stephen King has sold way more books that I have. Millions more. He has written way more books too. He writes novels. Some might even be called tomes. I write short stuff. Short books which are just short stories. He writes for the masses. I write for myself. And the couple people who might be called my fan base. He writes for adults. I write for kids. Middle grade kids. He writes with a fountain pen. I use a computer.

I know. There are way more things different about Stephen King and me than there are similar. But I still think the notion that we both write nearly (or well over) one-thousand words a day is a significant likeness. So much so that I thought I should comment on it. For I daresay that there are people who do not come close to that. Oh sure, there are many people who write a thousand words a day. But there are just two that I can name. Stephen King and me.

Now, you might think that this post was done on a dare. See how many times you can say Stephen King in a blog post. Stephen King. Stephen King. Stephen King. But there was no such dare. I did not even write it because I thought people might search for Stephen King and find my blog. I know there is no such luck. Unless, you looked on the one-hundredth page (or more) of your search. After all, there are not just Stephen King books out there. There are Stephen King movies made from Stephen King books. And there are even Stephen King books written by Richard Bachman (his pen name for several books). And surely there is Stephen King merchandise and Stephen King this and Stephen King that. No, you would surely never find my blog post just by searching for Stephen King.

I like Stephen King. Rather, I like Stephen King books and movies. No. I have not read or watched them all. I am actually not that much into horror. But I like the way Stephen King writes. His work is readable. And his book, On Writing, is one of my favorite books on writing.

Well, as you can see from the above spouting, I am very much like Stephen King. Well, at least I write every day. In that way, at least, I am a little (kinda sorta) like Stephen King.

© 2022 Michael T. Miyoshi

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