Creativity in Our DNA · 6 February 2021

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I think we all have a bit of DNA that says we need to be creative. Really. I think that we all desire to make stuff.

The desire to procreate is written in our DNA. In other words, we have a desire to have children because it is written in our DNA. It is coded in our genes. That makes sense. But even if I am the only one, I believe that there is coding in there for other types of creativity too.

I think about writers and painters and sculptors and musicians and actors. They are driven to create in their given media. I think about engineers and architects. They create cars and electronics and buildings and cities. I think about wives and husbands who stay at home to care for their families. They create a nurturing environment for their families. In fact, there is no adult in any profession that I can think of who does not create something. Often something amazing. Even demolition experts create open space. Even if the rubble must be cleared before it is truly open.

But I also think of kids. I think of little kids drawing amazing things that they might need to explain to an onlooker. I think of bigger kids building Lego creations either from a kit or from scratch. I even think of the kids of whatever age building worlds in games like Minecraft or software like Blender. I also think of the people who create all sorts of different software to create all sorts of different things. (Even if those people are not usually kids.)

As I think of all those different people doing all those different creative things, I think of our DNA driving us to create. And I think that DNA is marvelous. Simply marvelous.

People might argue that those who are truly creative are those who have the time and energy to do so. Those who are eking out a living are not creative. Those who are homeless are not creative. Those who are so exhausted when they get home from their jobs are not creative. But we have seen example after example to the contrary. We have seen writers who have come from obscurity because even though they were just trying to survive had that idea to write a book. We see homeless people who create art or perform music. We see exhausted parents draw and paint and cook with or without their kids. We see people from all walks of life being creative in some way, shape, or form.

Of course, my thoughts are not evidence that creativity is in our DNA. My thoughts are not designed to be persuasive. They are just my thoughts. My opinions. If I was trying to be persuasive or trying to present evidence that people are creative because it is written in their genetic code, you would just need to find a single contrary example to prove me wrong. You would just need to show me somebody who is not creative at all. But while people might say they are not creative or might not think they are creative, I would bet that everybody is. Because I am convinced it is in our DNA. You just might need to look harder at some people than others to find their creativity.

I am sure there are those who would say creativity is not in our genetic code, but I am sure it is there. You might not believe it, but you are creative. So go out there and create something beautiful. You know you want to. Even if you do not believe your DNA is driving you to do so.

© 2021 Michael T. Miyoshi

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