In Threes · 16 April 2022

Bad things do not always come in threes. Neener neener.

I am writing this anticipating that bad things do not really come in threes. Thumbing my nose at fate so to speak. As if I believed in fate anyway. But anyway.

Heat and water. And heated water. Creature comforts. Once we are clothed, housed, and fed (maybe in that order), we like our creature comforts. We like to be warm. We like to have hot water. We like to bathe. We like our creature comforts, because we like to be comfortable. And quite frankly, we like to take those things for granted when we have them. We like the heat to come on automagically. And we like the hot water to flow when we turn on the spigot. We sure miss those things when they are gone. Even for just a short period of time.

Well after our hot water heater sprung a leak within a week of our furnace being replaced, a friend and co-worker said to me, “You know… bad things come in threes.” She might not have said that just bad things come in threes. She might have said, “…things come in threes.” But regardless. She said we ought to prepare for the next big bad thing coming down the pike.

Naturally, I said something like, “I hope not.” Or “Better not be.” Or something like that. I was cavalier and not thinking that fate was going to beat me up. But I still took the time to look at the hoses going from the house to the washing machine. Just to be sure. (I wonder what the life of those hoses are.) They seemed fine, but you never know. And there is something to be said about being cautious. Just in case we can prevent that third thing from happening.

Turns out that bad things happen anyway. Whether in threes or not. And it just so happened that the third thing did happen. All in less than two months. (Did I really say, “Neener neener”?)

The third bad thing that happened was not really so bad. After all, we just lost a roof vent in a wind storm, not the whole roof. But it did cost a bit of cash. Thankfully, the rain that was supposed to pour down those few days when we had a hole in our roof never came. (Praise the Lord for the little things.) So my stopgap measure ended up being just precautionary. (Again, praise the Lord for little things.)

Well, to make a short story a little longer, I am happy that our third misfortune was not so bad. Yes, it did cost a bit of cash. Mostly because nobody in our neighborhood has a tall enough ladder. Still, it could have been much worse. Like I said, it was just a vent, not the whole roof.

Oh by the way… If you did not figure it out, I wrote this piece at two different times. Part before the third mishap happened and part after. I guess I should not have thumbed my nose at fate. (Even though I still do not believe in fate.) But it would not have really mattered. When you think about it, many things we buy today are built to fail. At the very least, we know that plastic and many other things deteriorate in the sun, heat, and other weather. (Which are totally different stories.)

In the end, I suppose that I must admit that bad things can indeed come in threes. Our three happened within four or five weeks of each other. Still, I like to thumb my nose at fate. Neener neener.

© 2022 Michael T. Miyoshi

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