Still Writing · 14 May 2022

I apologize if it seems that the quality of my blog posts is going down. (As if it could sink any lower.) I have been busy working on other writing projects.

I wonder how I used to do it. It being blogging every week just writing one day a week. I suppose that I did not do it very well. Of course, I would not know since I rarely go back and read my old stuff. What is the point? It is already out there on the internet. Forever. Sure, I could fix things up after the fact, but it does not really matter. After all, those posts are water under the bridge. They are part of the past.

Still. I wonder how I did it. Writing one day a week and posting that same day seems so foreign to me now. I did not have the time to write every day. Or so I thought. But then something happened and I had to write every day. I knew I needed to do it, so I just did. And here I am years later, still writing in obscurity, but writing nonetheless. And writing every day.

Which is the whole point. I just write. It is up to others to do the reading. Oh sure. I am supposed to promote my writing so people will read, but that is not really why I started writing. Okay. It is. I started writing for the fame and fortune. The fame I thought I would have was the fame where everybody knows your name, but nobody knows your face. Just walk around like a normal person and hear every reader talk about you. How cool would that be!

I know. Fantasy world. But still. People can dream. Right?

At any rate.

I think back to those old days of writing and posting one day a week, and I wonder that I was able to do it. Survive that is. After all, writing is like breathing. How could I have survived breathing one day a week? Or maybe it was that I did not realize writing was like breathing until I was writing all but one day a week. Maybe that was when I understood that I had not been breathing.

Not that it really matters. What matters is that I am breathing. I am writing. Even if all my energy is not going into my blogging. Which makes sense. Writing six days a week to get one blog post does not seem very productive. Even for me.

So what have I been writing? I am glad you asked.

I know that the quality of my blog posts has not always been that great. Even from day one. Still, I do like to get something out there that is halfway decent. At least every once in a while. So I put time and effort into blogging. I even try to write a few weeks ahead of time so I have a chance to edit. But in fact, many ideas never get to the surface. Many ideas never see daylight. They just have a title and a sentence or two. Or maybe a few paragraphs. Still. The bone yard of ideas grows each week. Well, maybe not each week, but you get the idea.

But back to what I have been writing. I have been putting most of my time and effort into two or three books. I actually put the finishing touches on one that has been done for about a year. Actually, I think it has been done for longer than that, but I had not put together the digital cover. But now that is done, and I have only one more book to finish in my series, Autobiography of a Sixth Grader. (That book just needs another read through and a cover and it will be done too.)

At any rate, I have been busy writing other stuff over the years. I even amazed myself when I realized that I have more than a dozen digital books on Amazon (seventeen at last count). Yes. I need to do better at promoting myself. But that is not the point. The point is that I have actual books for sale. I really am an author. Or maybe not. (Is a person a writer if nobody reads?)

Well. That is about it. I just wanted to say that regardless of the quality of my blog posts, I am still writing. So hopefully my readers (both real and imaginary) will keep reading. And maybe some of those real readers might like to read some of the other stuff I have been writing. (The last sentence is about the extent of my marketing campaign.)

I hope you keep reading. And regardless of whether you read my stuff or not, I will keep writing.

© 2022 Michael T. Miyoshi

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