Writing Prompts · 29 April 2023

I do not use prompts to write my blog, but perhaps I should.

Life has its ups and downs, its highs and lows, its bumps and bruises. And that is just the writing part of life. Those times when I have many ideas and when I have few. Those times when I cannot write myself out of a paper bag. Wait, I think the saying is “fight myself out of a paper bag.”

At any rate. There are times when I have droughts when it comes to writing.

Fortunately, this is not one of those times. I have been having a bunch of great writing ideas lately. Or at least they seem great. Unfortunately, they seem to be book ideas, not blog ideas. Okay. “Unfortunately” is not the right term. It just seems unfortunate for my blog. And for my faithful readers (both real and imaginary).

This unfortunate series of events has got me to thinking that I need some prompts. Something besides my life to write about. After all, I cannot always write about my life. My life is not full of mischief and mayhem. It is work and rest from work. Or so it seems. The kids are independent and doing their own thing, so I cannot write about them. My wife has forbidden me to write about her unless I submit a request in triplicate seven weeks in advance. And I cannot even write about writing all the time. After all, I have only two pieces of writing advice. Okay three. Write. Write some more. Then, ship it. Those are my three pieces of advice. It is tough to get many blog pieces out of my formula for success. Or at least my formula for whatever it is I am doing.

Which is why I thought about prompts.

It would be great if I could find a bunch of blog prompts. I could write silly stuff. Or serious stuff. I could write fiction or non-fiction. I could write whatever tickles my fancy. Or at least I could write about the prompts that somebody else thought would be good things to write about.

The interesting things about prompts is that they are out there. The not so interesting thing is that the prompts I have seen are for college essays or practice essays for English or practice essays for getting ready for those practice college essays. You get the picture. Or maybe not. All I can say is that most of those essay prompts are boring. Or they are all the same.

Write about somebody who influenced you.
Write about your greatest fear.
Write about your greatest accomplishment. (So far.)
Write about somebody who you admire.
Write about…

You get the picture. Like I said before, boring. Spelled S-N-O-R-E. Oh wait. That is how you spell blog. Or at least that is what some people tell me.

Sometime I wonder why I still blog. After all, my best friends either tell me I am boring or they wonder if I am still blogging. Or they wonder if I am ever going to write anything interesting. Or they hate the way I end too many sentences with prepositions. Okay. Not all of them. Not all my friends that is. (Obviously, I cannot end all my sentences with prepositions.)

Well, that is about all the time and energy I have for this blog post. I hate to end it so abruptly, but I suppose my readers (both real and imaginary) are used to it by now. I suppose it would be nice to do some blog posts from prompts, but I doubt that would help change the quality of what I write. Ah well.

© 2023 Michael T. Miyoshi

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