Abrupt Endings · 13 May 2023

Some people are great writers with beginnings, middles, and endings to all their writing. Some of us are not such great writers. Some of us have suspect openings, middling middles, and abrupt endings.

There are times when I have abrupt endings to my blog posts. I do not mean to have them. I just do. Things are going along just great, when “BAM!” the end just comes. “Screech!” the brakes are applied and you can smell the burnt rubber on the road. Ugh. I hate that. Both the smell and the abrupt ending.

(By the way, can you feel the irony and deliberate foreshadowing?)

Usually, those abrupt endings are because I am not going to meet my self-imposed deadline. I am not going to have my post ready for my #ThursdayThoughts preview audience (both real and imaginary) on Twitter and Facebook. So I write and write and write. Then, I do a quick read through and ready or not, I post the thing.

(If you have been reading my blog for very long, you realize that there have been lots of “or not” postings. Thanks for sticking in there hoping and praying that I get better. Unfortunately, this is probably about the best quality as it is going to get. Anyway…)

Sometimes those abrupt endings are a mistake. I write something that I am supposed to come back to later. I get to a point in my day where I just need to stop. So I do. Fully meaning to come back to it later to polish it up and get it ready for posting. Then, all of a sudden, that deadline looms. The sweat starts pouring off my forehead and I succumb to the pressure. I just put out that stinky blog post with the abrupt ending. Ugh. What a nightmare.

Posting something that is unreadable or unintelligible is one thing. Posting something that is unprepared is unprofessional. Which is about right. After all, I am still doing this gig for the fun of it. I am not a syndicated columnist or wildly successful writer. People do not flock to my websites in droves. At least not yet. And they probably will not as long as I keep posting unfinished posts or posts with abrupt endings.

Ah well such is life.

I suppose there is much more to write on the subject, but that is about it for today. Like I said in the beginning. Some of us have suspect openings, middling middles, and.

© 2023 Michael T. Miyoshi

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