Rambling · 17 April 2010

I write about lots of different subjects here in my column/blog. I have fun doing it, especially, since I write about family and humanity. And since I just write for me and my fans (I was going to write, “both real and imaginary,” but figured I have overused that lately), I feel that I have a great deal of latitude on the subject each week. So today, I am going to use that freedom and am just going to ramble. I will cover (at least superficially) a few different subjects in one fell swoop. I hope you enjoy the short rambling.

The reason that I am rambling today is because I am writing on the wrong day and will need to write, edit, and post this before I am really ready. While I seemingly do this process each week, it is the wrong day and the wrong time. Honestly though, I really do not just do it in one day. Even this week, I have written this rambling in my head a few times during my ride to work this week. But writing quickly on the wrong day is not the whole reason that I am rambling.

I know that I do not have a real deadline or boss for my column, but I still like to post it the same day and time each week. I do not like to be late and when the words I write are posted on the internet, I cannot retell stories. After all, the internet is forever. Stupid things we say and/or do on the internet never really get erased when we take them down. Somebody has a copy of the pictures and videos we posted and the words we have written. This might not be the ideal, but it is reality.

Of course, when I am writing and posting, I want it to be forever on the internet and in people’s minds. This does pose a problem when I run out of ideas or time. After all, there are times when the ink well runs dry and I finally come up with an idea only to discover that I have already written and posted it. And whether I have no new ideas or am late posting, I cannot keep retelling stories or even worse, the “Nate vs. Lever” joke.

So even though I am writing on the wrong day trying to keep from saying the same things I said before, I figured that I could try to mention subjects that might not take a full column. Like why I write. Or at least the goal of why I write. Or the goal I have for those who are reading my writing. I want people who read my writing to laugh, cry, think, or even do all three. In my mind, I see people laughing, crying, and/or thinking because what I write relates to them in some way. But in reality, I am sure that the reason people have any of those reactions to my writing is because they realize I am a buffoon to be laughed at, or a sap who can be cried for, or an idiot who just makes you go, “Hmmmmmmm.”

I have lots of other writing that needs to be done, and even though the effort to write a few hundred words is about the same regardless of the subject, I figured that a little rambling could keep me from having to write about being the new track and field throwing coach at our high school, or receiving hand me up clothes, or even about getting a little taste of local fame – all subjects on the horizon. Then again, maybe rambling does not take quite as much effort as real writing (if that is indeed what I do in my musings). After all, here I am at the end of my column and I have nothing left to say.

I hope that you have enjoyed my ramblings and I hope that rambling was better than a retelling of the “Nate vs. Lever” joke. (If you missed that one, just click on the link.)

© 2010 Michael T. Miyoshi

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