Fourth Time Is a Charm · 26 May 2013

So far, I have written two and a half pieces today and posted nothing. That makes this the fourth attempt today at writing something worthy of publication.

The problem is not that I have nothing to say. I have oodles and oodles of uncooked noodles on my computer. Pieces of writing that have not yet seen the light of day. That may never see the light of day. The problem is that nothing seems to fit. Nothing seems to make sense to what I am trying to accomplish with my mediocre writing.

Maybe that is the problem. I like to be funny or introspective or funny all the time, and I seem to be able to be neither today. I cannot even be whimsical.

It is like I am at a crossroads of sorts with my writing.

If I had critics, they might be waiting with bated breath for the announcement that is not forthcoming. Likewise, my readers (both real and imaginary) can breathe a sigh of relief because I am going to continue writing. I am going to continue being mediocre. I am just thinking of changing my writing focus.

This thought of changing my writing focus came into my head recently because I have a tough time being witty or whimsical all the time. Apparently, I cannot tickle my readers with every post. Besides, I have waxed whimsy out of my writing in many cases because I have been trying too hard to be witty. And there are only so many stories that can make it to the funny pages each week.

Fortunately, there are plenty of funny stories that have already occurred in my life. And I can write about those with just a little memory jog.

I was looking through our pictures the other day and I thought of all the stories I have lived throughout the years. Stories of road trips and just hanging out. Stories with wit and whimsy. Stories with and about my family and friends. It made me think that I ought to write some of those old stories. Which is, of course, the other reason I have been thinking about changing the focus of my writing.

As I looked at the old pictures, I thought I should tell the stories that go with them. Or at the very least, make up some stories. I figured I could tell the funny true stories, embellish on the somewhat funny stories, or even make up some good lies to go with the old pictures.

If I thought about it more, my writing has really just come full circle. I started out just being a writing raconteur. A story teller like my father. Now after all this time writing, I still have lots of stories to tell. Or to make up. I have lots of history to revise.

For those readers (both real and imaginary) who like to read about the things happening in my life now, do not despair. For even if I move to telling old stories, I am sure things will happen in life which I must write. I am sure I will still tell stories of wit and whimsy about the present.

I am excited that I finally realized I can write whimsical stories about life. I am happy that I could write about my writing process. I am happy that I finally finished something at least somewhat worthy of mediocre publication today. Even if it took me four tries to do it.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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