Time for Christmas · 25 December 2014

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I cannot believe it is almost Christmas. (Or that it is already Christmas or that Christmas has already come and gone, depending on when you read this.)

They say that time flies when you are having fun. Well, I must be having lots of fun this school year, because I cannot believe that we are almost halfway through. It is already Christmas and it seems that the school year just started. I am having fun, but I am not sure I am having so much that the days fly by so fast.

I suppose that it could also be the fact that each year and indeed each day become less and less a part of our lives. A smaller fraction. When you are a year old, a year is all your life. When you are two years old, a year is half your life. When you are 50, a year is only one-fiftieth of your life. And so the time flies. Years go whizzing by in the blink of an eye.

(Maybe that is why I do not like to take naps anymore. I might fall asleep and find myself in a new century. Not that I do not take many naps anymore. I am just not as fond of them as I used to be.)

But now that Christmas is already here, I am excited for the hope and joy of the season. I am ready for the new year and the new start it represents.

(I need to interrupt myself here for a moment with an aside. I was actually going to write a little gripe about people saying, “Happy Holidays” when they really meant “Merry Christmas,” but my wife pointed out that “holiday” simply means “holy day.” Sometimes it irks me that she takes all the fun out of my petty gripes. After all, we all have a little humbug in us sometimes. Or is that just me?)

(As another aside, I was also going to use my blog to do a little preaching. After all, ‘tis not just the season to be jolly. ‘Tis the season to be reflective and grateful. For the Christ Child is born in Bethlehem. Or at least He was. And when we ask, He can be born in us today. These are not just song lyrics, but words of truth and light.)

Okay, now that I have interrupted myself a couple times, maybe I can continue.

As I was about to say, sometimes, I just need to babble a little. After all, time keeps marching on as they say and I like to march to the beat of a different drummer. (I used to wonder how many clichés I could use in one piece, but I already did that before.) And so I write to keep track of the times in my life.

At any rate, regardless of the time fraction thing, time does seem to be moving quicker than it used to do. Each day seems to go by quicker than the last. Each moment is too precious to let slip away. And yet we do. We treat moments as if there is an endless supply. We spend time doing frivolous activities. With people we may not even like. Then again, we cannot really know whether the activities are frivolous until we look back. We do not always know which people were friends until we have finished the race.

Christmas and the New Year are times to do some of that reflecting. They are times to take stock of what we have rather than just what we are receiving. We count our blessings at Thanksgiving, but we really ought to do that at Christmas and indeed every day. For time is short. It is passing by too quickly. And we ought to cherish each day as if it was a holy day. For indeed each day is a precious gift given to us by God.

I cannot believe that I have rambled on so much here today without saying much. Actually, what I cannot believe is that I have not put more thought into a Christmas greeting to my readers (both real and imaginary). Time is precious. I hope it does not fly by too quickly. And I hope you are able to spend it with the ones you love. On this Christmas day and every day.

Merry Christmas to all.

© 2014 Michael T. Miyoshi

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  1. Merry late Christmas, Miyoshi! I hope it was great! I got some awesome new stuffed animals and had an awesome tea party with them on New Year’s Eve! Maybe you can join us sometime :)

    Nagata · 5 January 2015, 17:12 ·

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