Write and Repeat · 4 November 2017

I do not mean to do it, but sometimes I post something I wrote before. Or close.

I have plenty of inventory as far as blog posts go (at least right now), but for some reason I just posted something very similar to something I posted a couple years ago. But I was wrong both times, apparently. Nobody is watching. Or at least nobody remembers reading my blog. Or nobody read it a couple years ago who reads it now. At any rate, few people are watching and reading. (However, the ones who do read give me so much grief that I find it hard to give them any press. But I do so anyway. I wonder if that is ironic or if I am just a glutton for punishment.)

I suppose the reason I have posted a few times about people watching is that I like Michael Jackson and George Orwell. I know. Michael Jackson just did the “I always feel like, somebody’s watching me. Eee hee.” But even though I like the other words (“When I get in the shower, I’m afraid to wash my hair. Because I might open my eyes, and find someone standing there. People say I’m crazy. Just a little touched. But maybe showers remind me of Psycho too much.”), but I hear the chorus over and over and over when I think about people watching. Spying. Being George Orwellian. Or Big Brotherish.

Or maybe it is just the thought of people watching and listening is too prevalent today. (Think NSA, Siri, and Alexa.) Maybe I ought to just write a blog about Big Brother and Big Business all the time. Maybe I can be part of the conspiracy theorists or some other niche group of bloggers. Maybe not.

I need to stop because this post is diverging into the inane. (Not that it is not always so, but maybe there is hope.) So I think I will drop the subject and move on to something more intelligent. At least if I do that, there is no chance of me posting something I wrote before.

© 2017 Michael T. Miyoshi

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