How Many Twitter Followers? · 1 June 2019

How many Twitter followers do you have? Does it really matter?

We can all get validation of what we do from our friends and family, but it is nice when a peer says nice things about you. Or follows you on social media. I even commented on this in at least one previous post (see Liking Other Writers). But there is a danger in getting too caught up in who follows who or how many followers you have.

I have been writing for a long time. I have published my blog since 2007. And I was writing stuff long before that. (Even though I was only a wannabe writer until I started writing every day.) But if you look at my social media stats, I am not well followed.

Actually, I know I am not well followed without looking at my stats. I can count on one hand the number of people who I know read my blog every week. Two. (Two people, not two hands.) Oh sure, there are others who read my stuff besides my two friends, M&M, but I am not sure who those other people are. (If you know, you could tell me, but I would still probably say that my only two readers are M&M. It is another one of my silly writing devices. And if you do not know who M&M are, see Back to Haunt Me and I have Proof and a bunch of other posts mentioning Marc and Mike. Or Mike and Marc.) Actually, I do know a few more readers. Another one of my co-workers said she likes to read my stuff, and I might have a family member or two who read every once in a while. Still...

Oh. I do know one other thing. I hit triple digits in Twitter followers the other day!

Triple digits. One-hundred followers! Woo hoo! And then it was ninety-eight. Boo hoo. And then it was 102! Woo hoo! And then it was 99. Boo hoo. Last time I checked, it was back up to 102 again. Woo hoo!

It is a good thing that I do not put much stock in those follower numbers. Yes. I do wish that those numbers were higher. Yes. Four digits is more than three digits. Yes. Five digits is even more. Probably more than I could ever hope for. But still. Even if I had that many followers, I would not say that I am more successful. I would not say I am a better writer. (My friends M&M would surely help keep me humble if I did say that.) I would just acknowledge that I have more followers on social media than I do now.

At any rate, I do enjoy seeing the number of followers go up. (Thank you all for that.) And one day I hope to have quadruple digits. But for now, I am just glad to see that I am in triple digits. Double digits. Triple digits.

When it comes right down to it, I do not care that much how many Twitter followers I actually have. Because in the end, it does not really matter. (But I still have triple digit followers.)

© 2019 Michael T. Miyoshi

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  1. Age is just a number just like how many followers you have on Twitter or Facebook. As for me I come and look and read about once a month. The truth is that most of what you write about has no affect on me what so ever, but one in about ever 4 stories piques my interest and has some value to me. Keep up the writings and say high to me by e-mail.

    — K Lake · 3 June 2019, 09:02 ·

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