Your Muse Called · 28 April 2018

I saw this funny tweet on Twitter (Yes, I changed some of the punctuation. But the thought is the same.):

“Your muse called and she threatened to quit if you don’t start writing. Right now!”

I was amused. (No pun intended.) I was amused because I was already in part of my morning routine. Which includes a quick jaunt to Facebook (on that particular day, to post a link to my blog for a preview for those following my page) and then a looksee at Twitter to see if there are any #SixWordStory prompts. Which there usually are. Those six word story prompts are fun. They get me going. (Actually, they are just part of my daily routine. I do not always post something, but I can usually get six words or less out there.) Then, I usually scroll down a little to see if there is anything interesting on my feed. That was when I saw the bit about my muse.

There was another reason I was amused. I had just posted the preview for my blog, and my blog just happened to have a picture of a muse. Not only that, my blog post was a short poem about poetry. About how Poetry does not get jealous about Prose. And since I was writing to Poetry as if it was a person, it was fitting that I find a picture of a muse.

Anyway. To make a short story a little longer, I need to elaborate.

Erato from Monte Calvo
by ChrisO
Licensed under
CC BY-SA 3.0

Erato is the muse of love poetry. Which is fitting for the poem I wrote because it is a poem about one of my writing loves. Yes. I love to write. Yes. I love to write prose. But I also love to write poetry. Or at least I love to write words that rhyme and might pass as poetry. Maybe. At any rate, I thought it apropos to put the picture of the statue of Erato on my blog post since I had written a poem to Poetry.

But back to the Twitter post.

It would be funny to actually get a call from a muse. Except that my muse thinks I am crazy to want to write. She thinks that it is odd that I get up early in the morning to write before I go to work. She thinks that I ought to stay in bed until the last possible moment before I need to get up. (Which is what most people think.)

Maybe she is right. Maybe I am a bit crazy. After all, no muse calls to me. (At least not the classical Greek ones.) I am just trying to use my gifts in appropriate ways. I am just trying to glorify God with my words. (Whether or not anybody reads them.)

Sometimes it is quite amusing what people post on Twitter and other social media. Especially when what they tell me is appropriate and timely for my life. Like the post about my muse calling. (But if mine is calling, she is probably calling me a liar.)

© 2018 Michael T. Miyoshi

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